mprdc girls

just wanna have fun

Whether you’re completely new to roller derby, or you’re a skater looking for a club to call home, everyone’s welcome at Mornington Peninsula Roller Derby Club.

Not for profit

MPRDC is a grassroots club run by members for members, supported by volunteers.

For all members

We’re competitive for sure but first and foremost our club is about having fun doing what we love no matter what your skill level is.


We're Local

We welcome members from all over but especially from the Frankston & Mornington Peninsula area.

What's stopping you?

I’ve never skated before

Never fear, we have experienced coaches who take new skaters through all the basics like rolling, stopping and turning. You’ll learn at your own pace, and we make sure you’re comfortable on skates first before playing any contact.

I don’t own skates or equipment

And you don’t need to. We’re fully stocked up on skates, helmets, knee, elbow, and wrist guards. So all you need to bring along is a mouth guard and your happy self.

I don’t know the rules

Roller derby isn’t a game we grow up watching like we do with other sports. Not many know much about the rules and how to play when they first start. We make learning about the game part of our training sessions.

Want to have a go?

The latest club news

Diary of a Derby Addict: Panda’s Stampede Scrim

Expecto Pandemonium's Spellbinding Stampede Scrimmage The lead up to my second low contact scrimmage was a little different to my first. I woke up feeling pretty calm and ready to take to the track. After listening to me talk derby nonstop for over a year, my partner...

Diary of a Derby Addict: Frickin’ Ghastly NSO’s Stampede

An NSO's Guide to the Statewide Stampede. Hi! My name is Rhianna "Frickin' Ghastly" Malas, I'm the head NSO (Non-Skating Official) of MPRDC and a fledgling skater. I've been a member of the club for more than a year now, and I was an NSO for the second and third round...

The Penny Dreadfuls Debut

It’s been years in the making - in August Mornington Peninsula Roller Derby Club will be debuting its first home team, The Penny Dreadfuls. Taking the track will be: Zombettie #1959 Lady Slayer #911 Toaster #54 Johnny Cash Me Outside #26 Dreadly Weapon #29 Wildfang...

Jo’s time at TGSS

First off my entire experience was amazing. Beyond words. A little shock to the system after spending so much time at home of late. I saw so many amazing things and SO MUCH DERBY. As much as I loved it before this weekend, I have a whole new appreciation for the...

Toaster’s scrimmage in Gippsland

Image courtesy of Toaster finds a new confidence Going into my second stampede scrimmage was nothing like the first, the only similarity was the nerves leading up to it. I came in with an improved skill set, a new confidence, determined...

Diary of a Derby Girl: Wildfang’s first bout

From fresh meat to first bout 1.5 years ago I started training with Mornington Peninsula Roller Derby Club as a freshie and I’m excited to say that on the weekend I officially became a bouting skater in Round 3 of the Statewide Stampede.  If I had to pick three words...

Player Profile: Doloris Dynamite

Doloris Dynamite has been skating with Mornington Peninsula Roller Derby Club for a year and a half now. Week after week, Dolly puts in her all at training and her dedication has really paid off. She's now playing amber level srimmages -  where she holds fierce walls...

Diary of a Derby Girl: Wildfang’s first contact scrim

A day to remember They say you never forget your first. Last Sunday I had two firsts. One, playing in a contact scrim and two, playing as one team made up entirely of MPRDC. Surprisingly I wasn’t that nervous. Perhaps because I’ve spent hours training with the club...

Diary of a Derby Girl: Dreadly Weapon’s Christmas Scrim

Slay Bells (MPRDC) versus Coal Hearts (GRDL/DDCD) Christmas scrimmage in Geelong It was such a fun game on Sunday! I loved playing with all of you and I think our teamwork was totally spot and so was our communication! We held some strong walls, but could reset a bit...