Trax put on her Death Eater face for her Modified Contact debut at the Gippsland Pride Initiative 2019 Pride Cup

Here’s what Trax had to say…

“I will freely admit that the weeks leading up to my first public low contact scrimmage were full of anxiety and uncertainty. But those feelings did not wake up with me. I made the drive to Lardner Park, enjoying the frosty fields sliding by with my favourite playlist keeping me company. I had a feeling I was going to have a memorable day.

It wasn’t too long before the venue began to fill with familiar faces and an abundance of dazzling rainbows. The buzz of excitement in the air matched what I was feeling. I was over the moon that Expecto Pandemonium was on my team, her company on the track definitely helped me have a wonderful time. My patronus took the form of a panda that day.

Time sped up after we became acquainted with our team and before I knew it, the scrimmage had begun! The scim was a flurry of laughter and high fives. It was marvellous to utilise what I have been learning during training these past few months. Strangely enough, I enjoyed being a jammer more than I had anticipated!”

Trax’s side-surfing made her a menace to the white team on the outside line

“A highlight of mine was seeing a bunch of team mates from MPRDC on the side lines cheering me on, along with some of my favourite humans yielding a sign with my name on it (and a cheeky butt drawing).

Sadly, the fun came to an end. We didn’t win but it didn’t even matter. I had a magical time participating in my first low contact scrimmage and I am counting down the days until the next one.”

Well done Trax, and a big congratulations on your debut!

Fan-made sign complete with butt love heart, what more could a girl want?