Expecto Pandemonium’s Spellbinding Stampede Scrimmage

The lead up to my second low contact scrimmage was a little different to my first. I woke up feeling pretty calm and ready to take to the track. After listening to me talk derby nonstop for over a year, my partner had come with me this time, and I was excited for him to finally get to see me play.

Once we arrived at Bendigo Stadium and I put my skates on my calmness quickly vanished; boom – hello nausea! Introductions and warmups with my teammates passed in a haze of nerves and excitement as the minutes until the start of the scrim quickly ticked down.

Before I knew it, the five second warning was being called and I was in the thick of it. Everything was a bit of a blur as I tried to put into action some of the things I’ve practiced at training in the past months. I looked up at some point during the first half and realised that some of my MPRDC teamies had made the crazy early drive out to Bendigo to come watch which helped a little with the nerves – thanks Bettie and Zoom!

In the second half of the game I felt as though I was beginning to follow more of what was going on around me on the track. The nerves had died down and I was enjoying every moment both on the track and on the bench. Our benchies did an amazing job of keeping a relaxing and positive atmosphere, and everyone on the team had a great time.

All in all, I loved every minute of this weekend’s scrim. The adrenaline rush was insane, I learned lots, had a blast and felt like a total badass – bring on the next scrim!