Meet Grinds, Penny Dreadful and current President of MPRDC. Grinds is a force to be reckoned with, whether it’s on the track or if something needs achieving for the club.

Tell us the story behind your Derby Name: It was originally Engel Grind Her, but it got shortened to just Grinds.

Where would we most likely find you on the track? My favourite position is the brace or inside butt, and I’ve been trying to work on my ‘O-ing’.

Who are your idols? P!nk, she is super fierce, doesn’t hold back and is really down to earth. I really love watching Evans and Skate from VRDL.

What’s something that people don’t know about you? I started skating at the age of 3. I started learning artistic, then I did figure skating and finally synchronised skating.

What do you do when you’re not zooming around the track? I’m a wife and mother of 3: 2 children and a little dog! I love doing cross stitches and love my craft room where I can tinker for hours.

What is your favourite thing about derby and MPRDC? I love the team sport, MPRDC is very friendly and very welcoming! I really love skating with all different people. Family dinner nights are always great to catch up. My taco sauce mix with chips seems to be a crowd favourite!

Photography & Editing Credit: Banked Shots