First off my entire experience was amazing. Beyond words. A little shock to the system after spending so much time at home of late. I saw so many amazing things and SO MUCH DERBY. As much as I loved it before this weekend, I have a whole new appreciation for the sport. Having seen so many teams with different levels and backgrounds coming together and supporting each other was something else. My understanding of the game has improved so much since watching that first bout in Bairnsdale. Fear, and wtf? have been replaced with wtf when can I do this?

Seeing what people are physically capable of has given me new goals… I don’t want to just skate anymore, I want to push. I also really, really, really want to hit people. I’ve been sooking, focused on what I can’t do, rather than working on what I can and It ends now.

Watching Bicepsual block showed the importance of upper-body strength and general fitness and endurance. She played every damn challenge bout one after the other and barely looked phased. Those arms. Lady Trample. How does she do it? It’s like magic. That footwork and those jumps look impossible but clearly, they are.

I can’t pick one favourite but here are a few:

  • Watching Zoom, Fang and Slayer go up against Bicepsual
  • Bicepsual v Trample
  • Kiwis v Emu
  • Stompy jamming htting biddies
  • Glory v SSRD
  • All Stars v MVPs

In my short time in derby so far I’ve noticed derby people are the best people, and that was no different this weekend. Everywhere I went there was encouragement, advice on rehabilitation from people with similar or worse injuries and just generall offers to help. This was clearly a challenge for me as I hate needing or asking for help, even when I clearly need it (sorry). It’s something I’m working on as we’re a team and we all help each other out when needed.

This community is so full of love, sure someone might be smashing you to the ground now, but two minutes later it’s a different story. Everyone just seems so happy to be together and take part in this sport that they love, spend time with friends and welcome new ones.

Even All Stars go to the bin

1: I want to block like Bicepsual… look out for that… #delusional?
2: Even Allstars go to the bin. No one is perfect.
3: Everyone needs help sometimes.
4: Derby People are the best People.