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Toaster finds a new confidence

Going into my second stampede scrimmage was nothing like the first, the only similarity was the nerves leading up to it. I came in with an improved skill set, a new confidence, determined mindset and some new bad ass skates. With all that on my side I hit the track to warm up and and before I knew it we were split up into pods and mine was first up with five seconds to derby, the whistle blew and I put everything I had learnt into practice. The first half was quite a blur but in the second half I found myself becoming the leader of my pod and focusing on catching the jammer after they had broken through the pack and getting my team mates to follow to the front to help me hold them back which I was praised for by my bench coach, after that I was put on every single jam.

Learning from VRDL

My game strategy and penalty awareness has grown dramatically which is my proudest achievement because for me they were the hardest things to wrap my head around. After the game ended I was so sad, I just wanted it to keep going. Little did I know what the next day had in store for me. I attended the VRDL boot camp with some of the MPRDC crew and participated in the blocker session where I learnt some amazing skills but the highlight of my short derby life was being told by Bicepsual that I have great footwork which is a true testament to the amazing coaching we receive at MPRDC and all the damn stepping!!

From the carpet to the track

To think that only a year ago little toaster was skating on the carpet at training because I was too scared to skate on the track blows my mind. Derby has empowered me to become strong physically but more important mentally.