How we started

Adeva ‘Devaskator’ Kaman, Leanne ‘Disco Beaver’ Philpots, Claire ‘D’Claire War’ Haby and Kerry ‘Double D-mon’ Dunn are four local business women and keen derby skaters, each proud of their previous league associations and game plays.

Together they formed MPRDC to bring a strong camaraderie to skaters on the Mornington Peninsula

After many meetings and careful planning by the four founding members, Mornington Peninsula Roller Derby Club was incorporated and ‘rolled out’ in October 2014.

What we stand for

  • Promote the sport of roller derby with a focus on safety, fun, fitness, team work, respect for others and inclusiveness
  • Be inclusive of all regardless of age, size, shape, race, creed, athletic ability or sexuality
  • Offer a safe skating environment for all members
  • Work towards enhancing the profile of roller derby and women’s sport within our local community
  • Foster an expectation of true teamwork, with all members contributing to fundraising events to support the Club and various women’s charities.


We play because we love it

We skate to have fun and to share our love of the game of roller derby.

We aren't afraid to have a swing

We encourage our members to have a go, push themselves, to learn and grow as skaters and as people.

We follow the Golden Rule

We support everyone in the club. It’s a place where we can encourage and be encouraged.

Want to have a go?