Slay Bells (MPRDC) versus Coal Hearts (GRDL/DDCD) Christmas scrimmage in Geelong

It was such a fun game on Sunday! I loved playing with all of you and I think our teamwork was totally spot and so was our communication!

We held some strong walls, but could reset a bit quicker

I played about half and half jamming and blocking. Jamming was fun and I found there were good gaps to get through. I haven’t ever jammed much so it was fun to work on that skill. When blocking I think we played well together I just noticed we need to reset and get together faster after the jammers go through. We also should make sure if we’re doing offence to help our jammer out to quickly switch back to defence if the opposing jammer is coming back. I thought our 3 and 4 walls were most effective and our bracing pyramids were good but we need more practice holding them. I personally felt good in the game but I feel like my feet couldn’t keep up with my brain. So I want to work on my skating skills: quicker smoother transitions, hitting someone out and going backwards quickly, quicker smoother turn around toe stops, footwork on toe stops and want to work on bracing in the pyramid more and effectively holding back the jammer in a rotating pyramid.

Bring on a new year of derby in 2018

I had so much fun, I just wanted to keep skating and I’m looking forward to a proper 30min each half game next time hopefully! I am so excited to keep learning and growing with all of you as a team! Thank you so much Zoom, Betty and all for fostering such a positive club and working your butts off to keep it going!

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