A warm welcome from Bendigo

This time last Sunday I was getting ready for a road trip with some of my MPRDC team mates to Bendigo.  As we walked into the venue we were immediately welcomed by the Bendigo crew and some of MPRDC’s TRV team mates. Even though I’m a roller derby novice, it is lovely to recognise so many faces, even under helmets and behind mouth guards and the immediate warmth you feel further emphasises the community there is within derby.

Getting more out of the brace position

Following a group warm up we split into our black and white teams. It was the first time I was able to take to the track with our bouting level MPRDC skaters. We managed nearly a whole MPRDC line up and my opinion of bracing drastically changed when it was coach Zoom I had a grip of. Instantly more stable and being told where to go to and when helped me cover the track and feel confident to get in the way of the opposition jammed, even when the colour we were playing was a different shade of red than I had anticipated.

Putting our training into action

I spent more time in the penalty box than I would have liked as a jammer, especially for cut track offences. However it’s all about learning, and at least a couple of the times I went off track it was when I was trying to get past on the line. This is a move we had been practicing at training a few weeks back it was fun to try and put it into action in a game. It was also good to see my team mate, Toaster, learning an NSO role as she timed me sitting in the box.

Meshing together as one team

We were given the opportunity to have plenty of track time, which was great. It was exciting being on the track or the bench and watching the MPRDC crew work so strongly together. It was initially disappointing to have Dragon Baller on the opposition team, but it did mean we got to be up against their jammer skills and feel the pressure they put on the wall to break through. I have seen Zombettie block and recycle from the stands before but to be the beneficiary of that on the track was awesome. Another stand out for me was to have the opposition line up Slayer from the start. Players from all over are starting to see, what we at MPRDC have been experiencing week in and week out; she is a threat on the track whether it is as a blocker or a jammer. I am just really glad she is on MY team!!

Thanks for a great learning experience

These are just a few of the memories I have from a sweaty afternoon on the track in Bendigo. I very much appreciated the opportunity, and the efforts DCDD put in to organise the event and for all the bouting level skaters who were happy to play a second game at a lower contact level to maximize the scrim experience for us new comers and for those that took on official roles for the day (Smash your refereeing was brilliant, and the feedback you could give us after the game was priceless!).