A getaway with the team

I had a blast at my first low contact scrim at the weekend and I thought that I would share the big bundle of feels it gave me. The day started relaxed as I enjoyed my coffee at Lake Colac. It was a much better view than the M1 at 5am and we have Coach Zoom and Betty to thank for organising somewhere to stay.

Made to feel welcome

The inviting and inclusive Derby nature shone bright from the start as we green newbies were invited to join the black (Ballarat) girls for their off skates warm up drills. There was nothing daunting about their professionalism, we have seen and done it at our MPRDC training nights.

As we split into our teams I was an equal amount of excited and nervous but comforted that my first step onto the track I would be surrounded by a skill set I knew I could count on with Baller and Dolly and lead out there by Captain for the day Lady Slayer.

My first jam

My first go at Jammer went from a ‘gee I am first through the back’ to ‘oh bugger that is my number being called and my forearms had sent me to the bin’. The longest 30 seconds passed while I waited to stand but by the time I made it to the pack 4 loud whistles blasted in my ear. I was disappointed to have let my blockers down and not only have missed out on scoring any points, I also made it harder for them.

The MPRDC crew started to be split as we moved on and off the bench in different track line ups. It was fun to link up again with the girls from the other TRV clubs who have visited us in Frankston. I felt there was some great advice and good communication being offered from my new Green teammates and the coaches.

I surprised myself with my blocking

I was very proud of all of the MPRDC crew. We were probably some of the newest to the scrim yet we were prepared to adapt our most practiced blocking tactics to assume the brace for every scrim, as that was all the others seemed to want to do. I definitely felt a bit out of my depth there, not feeling this was a strength or being sure where I was supposed to be, or what a butt or a dangle was (if this is even what it was there were asking). However with every chance to go on and particularly when I didn’t have to start in the brace, I began to really enjoy blocking. Instead of putting me off this period of uncertainty, just made me more motivated to get to training and get me some more Derby skills.

Cheering my team on

The bonus of not getting teamed with MY crew each time was getting to sit on the bench get the fuzzies, seeing them play so well and being able to cheer them on. Slayer’s performance was excellent and was marked by the MVP award, but her leadership was the stand out for me and I think each of us benefitted from being on the track or off the track with her. Dolly’s lead jammer demonstration was perhaps my inspiration. My third attempt at jammer, felt more like I would hope it would be. Lead jammer and a few laps of the track. I was perhaps assisted by the fouls they committed and fewer players on the track but it felt good to finally put some points on the board for the green team! I would have said I was really enjoying myself during that, but having looked at the pictures now – my face suggests there was still fear (but that is a step down from petrified).

Being part of the team and rolling round for the high fives was brilliant. I literally can’t wait to do it all again. I can without doubt say that Derby now fills me more full of excitement than nerves, and I didn’t think I would ever get around to thinking that.