A day to remember

They say you never forget your first. Last Sunday I had two firsts. One, playing in a contact scrim and two, playing as one team made up entirely of MPRDC.

Surprisingly I wasn’t that nervous. Perhaps because I’ve spent hours training with the club and I knew we were taking the track as a solid team that is familiar with how each other plays. I also embraced this for the learning opportunity that it was so I felt no pressure about points, scores, winning or losing.

I was a blocker on the day and I wanted to focus on communication and positioning myself during each play.

We held strong walls

I think we did really well in our walls – we held strong and put up a fight for the jammer to get through. In future, to get even better, we could focus on our ploughs in the wall to slow the opposition right down – as I felt that we were letting the jammer push us too fast at times.

Developing a derby brain

I do need to develop a derby brain as I could predict what was about to happen in plays,
but then I couldn’t figure out what I should do or where I should be. For example, we took the line and Slayer was next to me in the middle and I was on the inside track. It was our power jam and I just knew Slayer was going to take out the blockers in front of us towards the inside line so our jammer could get through. But I couldn’t in the life of me figure out what I should do so I could either help or not get in the way!

We’ve come so far

All in all it was such a great day and it felt so rewarding to skate with MPRDC after all those nights of training through the freezing cold or roasting heat. We’ve come so far from this time last year and I can’t wait to see where we’ll be next Christmas.

Slay Slay Slay Bells!

Image courtesy of Chromagraphics: www.chromagraphics.com.au