Who’s who in the zoo?

For those of you who follow our club, you’ll know that when we compete we skate under Team Regional Victoria’s (TRV) banner – The Rolling Matildas.

TRV is is a team made up of skaters from Mornington Peninsula Roller Derby Club, Latrobe City Rollers (based in Moe), Gippsland Lakes (based in Sale), Wheat City (based in Horsham) and Mildura Roller Derby League (based in Mildura).

As you can imagine, with all the clubs spread across Victoria, it’s difficult to get together and practise as one team. The Rolling Matildas do so well for a team who never gets to train together so kudos to all the skaters!

So we were excited to host Latrobe City Rollers for a scrim

This past Sunday our good friends, and TRV teammates, Latrobe City Rollers came for a combined training and scrimmage session on our home turf.

The skaters worked their butts off on a cold winters morning, learning new drills and picking up new skills, and by the afternoon were ready for scrimmage!

Both teams had a variety of skaters, from those with years of bouting experience through to those that were scrimmaging for the first time, and much fun was had by all with the stadium full of cheers and laughter.

We even had a derby wife-ing

Urban dictionary defines Derby Wife as:

A roller derby soul mate, the woman who you knew from the first second that you’d been seperated at birth, who will hold your hair when you throw up after drinking too much, arrange bail, ride in the ambulance with you and set your real husband straight on the derby world.

To cap off the day in a most extraordinary way, Lady Slayer made a sneaky entrance, guitar in hand, serenaded and proposed to her now Derby Wife Chloe.  This is our clubs first derby wifing, and has set the bar high!

All in all, an amazing day and we can’t wait for the next time LCR come for a visit!