End of an era

Monash University in Frankston has been the home of our Tuesday night training sessions for the last two years. Sadly, our litte hall is being demolished so last night our wheels hit the floor for one last hurrah.

Blood, sweat and laughs

We’ve seen so many members go from being nervous, first time skaters to confident dynamos on 8 wheels! There’s been some hits, falls and a lot of giggles – and that’s what roller derby is all about. I think we can say that each and every one of us have developed and grown as skaters within the four walls of this hall.

Our new home – Wednesday and Friday night training in Frankston

Don’t worry, we’re still running two roller derby training sessions a week in Frankston. Our new training schedule is now every Wednesday and Friday night at McClelland College from 7pm-9pm.

This track is so smooth to roll on, and the hall is quite big as well (so no being slammed into any walls!)

if you’d like to come along to a session, feel free to get in touch.