A great way to keep fit come rain, hail or shine

With the colder weather starting in Melbourne, it’s tempting to go into hibernation  and curtail your exercise activities. Who wants to go for a run outside when it’s wet, dark and freezing?

Roller derby is an ideal way to keep fit during these winter months as it’s played indoors and your team mates will help keep you accountable!

Skating and its many health benefits

There’s so many ways that skating helps you keep fit and healthy both physically and mentally. Here’s the top 3 we hear from our skaters at Mornington Peninsula Roller Derby Club…

1. Cardio, cardio cardio!

We know that getting that heart pumping is great for cardiovascular health. Did you know that roller skating is the equivalent to jogging in the cardio department? It burns a similar amount of calories, and assists in weight loss just as running does. But skating also has the added benefit of being easy on your joints, particulalry your knees.

2. Building core, arm and leg strength

New skaters often say they now use muscles they never thought they had! Roller skating involves a lot power from your legs and glutes, so it’s a great workout to keep these muscles strong. Add some roller derby to your skating and you’ve also got a core and arm workout. Because it’s a contact sport, you’ll be using your arms and core to keep you steady, help you block and hit the opposition out of the way for your jammer.

3. Mentally challenging

Roller derby is a team sport that involves a whole ton of strategy. When you join a club you’ll make new friends and challenge yourself to learn new skills. These aspects of roller derby are beneficial for mental health…keeping you sharp and focussed for years to come.

Want to keep fit this winter?

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Image courtesy of Luke Gardner Images.