For the last time this year we piled ourselves into our cars and ventured into regional Victoria; gorgeous Wangaratta to be precise! Our pals North East Roller Derby hosted the final instalment of the Stampede.

Right from the moment we all stirred in our Airbnb on Saturday morning, the mood was excited, energetic. Electric. The beautiful sunny morning, the shiny polished wood of the stadium floor and the buzzing spectators and skaters alike all made for the perfect setting to wrap up the season.

Low Contact – Black Magic v White Knights

Taking to the track for the white team we had Critical Roller, Morguertia, Kneecaps, Bellatrax Lestrange and Expecto Pandemonium. After shaking off the pre-game nerves they all had an absolute blast and really showed that all their hard work at training has been worth the sweat and aching muscles.

We saw some amazing ‘O’, particularly from Panda, Trax was an unstoppable beast when jamming (earning her the MVP Jammer award!) and Rita, Caps and Crit all mixed it up trying a bit of everything with many successes.

This may well have been the last Low Contact game for a few of our skaters, as they come into the next round of Bouting level testing very soon! We have our fingers and toes crossed for them.

TRV v Diamond Growlers

In what has felt like TRV’s most successful season yet, we managed to take out our very first win in Round 6. That win was against the Diamond Growlers, so coming up against them again in the finals was an exciting opportunity that TRV grabbed with both hands.

The speed, strength and grit shown by both teams in this game was truly a spectacle. TRV held the lead for a short time in the first half, but the Growlers gained it back and just held on for the remainder of the clock, but watching the skaters out there it could have been anyone’s game!

Representing MPRDC in the white and gold we had Maulin Brando, Invader Zoom, Toaster and Benedict Cumbersmash. Smashie and Toaster gave the crowd what they wanted with some fancy jamming – Smash taking out the MVP Jammer award thank you very much! Brando kept the opposition guessing, swapping between pivot, jammer and blocker and was often spotted breaking up the Growlers pack. Zoom was basically an absolute menace to both the jammers and the defensive walls of the Growlers, often seen crushing some jammer souls out the front of the pack with her chest catching.

Derby Warm and Fuzzies

The MPRDC support squad was hard to miss, partly because of those neon Penny Dreadful beanies that everyone loves, but mostly because of the ruckus cheering from the side lines, which on more than one occasion gained a shout out from the MC.

To really go out with a bang, skaters and supporters from all leagues and clubs converged on the Malt Shed. Everyone knows that what happens at the after party, stays at the after party, but we can confirm that we thoroughly enjoyed the craft beers and ciders on offer and many a laugh was had. There may or may not have been a pack of approximately 40 various derby people spotted power walking/jogging (aka getting in their cardio!) between venues in the streets of Wangaratta around midnight.

The following morning was a slightly slower start, but we met up with our fellow TRV teammates at Bertsy & Co for our annual end of season breakfast, where we enjoyed some sharing of stories from the night before, good food and saw our amazing teamies awarded for their efforts this season. Our very own Brando took home the TRV 2019 MVP Blocker award, and Zoom earned the Heart of the Team award alongside Sk8er McGavin (who also scored MVP Jammer). Well done gang!

Congratulations to all the teams that participated in the Stampede this season, especially to the Westside Derby Dollz who took out the victory for the second year running!

We look forward to doing it all again next year!