Rolling with the Matildas

Last weekend MPRDC skaters Zoom, Zombettie, Mulisha and Smash skated with the Rolling Matildas at round 3 of the Statewide Stampede at the ARC in Dayelsford.

Benedict Cumbersmash’s debut

This was a special bout for MPRDC as our latest bouting skater made her debut. Smash has been playing roller derby for a couple of years, and was at Junior Nationals earlier this month. She’s a force to be reckoned with out there on the track and played ‘smashingly‘ in her debut.

A shout out to our cheer squad

MPRDC’s Level 1 & 2 skaters made a road trip to Daylesford the night before bout day to help cheer on the team on Sunday. It was great to see so many members showing their support and making the effort to come watch.

Thanks to the Chiko Rollers

Bendigo Roller Derby hosted a great day of derby! Can’t wait until the next round.