Round 5 of the Statewide Stampede saw five of our pre-bouters take to the track in the Low Contact bout. Bettie tackled them for a post-game interview, here’s what they had to say.

Bettie: “Ok first off, how’re everyone’s bodies feeling after the bout?”

Morguerita (Morg): “Great!”

Smack Beauty (Smack): “It’s feeling pumped! I want to play another!”

Bellatrax Lestrange (Trax): “It feels pretty good, I didn’t feel like I got that beat up.”

Expecto Pandemonium (Panda): “I’ll be sore tomorrow.”

Ganache: “I’m pleased that I’m not as sore as my first game, I’ve definitely come out less sore this time.”

Bettie: “Which is interesting, because this game was much higher contact.”

Panda: “This was not red!”

Bettie: “Yeah look, it was definitely “gramber””

Bettie: “What was your pre-game routine this morning?”

Panda: “Maccas on the way here!”

Trax: “Are we talking about what we ate? I ate a red bull…half a Powerade…and I looked at an apple.”

*group laughter*

Bettie: “Breakfast of champions! I hear you can definitely eat through osmosis via the eyes.”

Smack: “Normally I would have the usual red bull and Krispy Crème donut before, but I think my parents would have killed me if they knew that was my pre-derby routine!”

Morg: “A good nights’ sleep. But I was worried I wouldn’t wake up for my alarm!”

Bettie: “I hear you were one of the first ones here! Which is a big deal for you haha.”

Ganache: “I went to the wrong venue! I got to a different venue and nobody was there…and it was a velodrome.”

Trax: “Yeah, we’re just doing banked track!”

Group: “That would be sick!!”

Ganache: “Other than that, I just always treat it like any other day with my usual breakfast – smashed avo on toast with a chai latte.”

Bettie: “Oooh fancy! And that didn’t come back up?”

Ganache: “No, nope, didn’t even think of that!”

Panda: “I never get queasy, never get the urge to chuck before a game!”

Bettie: “I hate you all. I want to vomit all game, every game.”

Ganache: “I haven’t actually had butterflies yet, both games I have felt fine. It just feels like a training day!”

Panda: “I think because we’re scrimming so much at training now it’s taken a lot of the edge off. The first one I was a mess, but.”

Bettie: “It didn’t look like it!!”

Morg: “Definitely not so anxious anymore.”

Trax: “Yeah, it’s just fun now!”

Morg: “It’s just like training on the job.”

Ganache: “I was so pleased, at training last night we did some ‘O’ work and I actually played some O a couple of times today and really felt like I was able to put into play a lot of what we learned.”

Panda: “I did a lot of what Brando went through last night so that was great!”

Bettie: “Shout out to Brenda!”

Ganache: “Yeah holding the tripod and rotating around their O felt really good, and using the tripod swapping between offence and defence went really well.”

Bettie: “And there was definitely a lot of people putting their hand up to jam, which was awesome! Morguerita, we’ll get you there next time!”

Morg: “I just thought it would be good to work on my weak side on the line.”

Bettie: “Your blocking was on point!”

Panda: “To be fair, I didn’t put my hand up to jam, I was bullied in to it!… always haha.”

*Group laugher*

Smack and Trax teaming up for some brace action

Bettie: “What was everyone’s favourite thing in the game, where you just had that “I love derby, this is awesome!” moment?”

Ganache: “I loved being in lineups with other team members outside of MPRDC, because hearing the way they would talk and think was really good for learning new things about rules. Also new things like when we would line up in front, and they would say “ok, now let’s roll back” and squash them, which was really effective. Just hearing all new information and taking it on board was really helpful.”

Panda: “I enjoyed that first jam of mine. I think I definitely enjoyed the contact level, it’s nice when it’s a little higher.”

Bettie: “Because what’s your favourite thing?”

Panda: “Hittin’ a bitch!”

*Group laughter*

Trax: “My favourite thing is the high fives at the end, I appreciate the community and it’s really evident when we high five because you get to appreciate each other for helping out.”

Smack: “Playing with my teamies and new people. I definitely had the “I love derby” feeling when white team was defending the opposition jammer up until the last whistle and we just aced it. Team work was there, communication was 100% and the feeling of success was just amazing.”

Morg: “I just like it all! Getting to mix with other people and meeting other players.”

Bettie: “Side note – I noticed you had a number malfunction mid-jam, where did that number end up getting stuck?”

Morg: “Down my shirt!” *motions to crotch*

Trax: “Did it jump off and just go down your crotch?!”

Morg: “No it peeled off my arm somehow so I just picked it up off the track and just shoved it down my front!”

Bettie: “What’s something that you want to work on at training after this game?”

Ganache: “I need to work on my confidence to go sideways around a pack when jamming, I’m such a forward skater but I realise now watching lots of jams and why I can’t get through, because my instinct is always just to go straight towards the oppositions blockers and try to push them out of the way but I need to learn to go sideways. I definitely want to practice jamming more and trying to get through small gaps and sideways skating.”

Bettie: “So a bit of side surfing at training, coming your way.”

Panda: “My instinct is always just to go through them, which works alright most of the time haha. But I can’t always be the biggest person on the track so that only works when I’m bigger!”

Bettie: “When you’re in full contact, you’ll be fine barrelling through a pack.”

Panda: “The slowing down kills me! My instinct is just to speed up, like I don’t fear hitting them.”

Trax: “I love contact, like when the jammer doesn’t need to stop – that collision!”

Bettie: “The “THUMP”?”

Trax: “Orgasmic! When they thump, it just ripples through you.”

*Group laughter*

Bettie: *fans self* “Woah, it’s getting a bit hot over here! Trax, anything you want to work on at training?”

Trax: “I guess it’s not really something we can work on at training specifically, but getting used to different floor surfaces, because I feel like the floor here really affected my comfort level.”

Panda: “Oof, that floor was not fun!”

Trax: “No, it’s wasn’t fun, but it’s definitely something I’d like to get used to because we’re going to be getting around! But as for something to work on at training, maybe more jammer on jammer action. That’s not utilised enough!”

Bettie: “We need to bring back Queen of the Track. You’ll all love it, it’s essentially one big ol’ game of continuous jammer on jammer action.”

Panda: “Yes! Last time you guys did it I wasn’t high enough contact level to do it!”

Bettie: “Stay tuned, we’ll bring it back.”

Morg: “Well, I just need to get to training more! Just getting more scrimmage practice and stop doubting myself as much.”

Smack: “Definitely my foot work. I want to be like Benedict Cumbersmash with her footwork! She is an inspiration for me and I aim to be as quick and nimble on my feet as she is. I really want to be fast on my skates so footwork would be my next goal.”

Bettie: “Last question, what is everyone looking forward to for the rest of the day?”

Ganache: “I’m going home to decorate a birthday cake! That’s all I’ve been thinking about since this morning!”

Bettie: “Even while you were jamming?”

Ganache: “Yep, I’ve gotta do some ganache-ing!” *laugh-snorts*

Panda: “Just looking forward to supporting my team mates!”

Group: “Awwwww!”

Trax: “I’m going to take half of that, so support my team mates, but also eat everything at that bake sale!!”

Bettie: “Not just look at the bake sale! Ok first things first, after this interview, we’re going to check out that damn bake sale!”

Smack: “I’m looking forward to watching the TRV girls from MPRDC smash! I’ve never seen the bouters play so it’d be exciting to watch them out there doing what they do best.”

Morg: “Watch more derby, then tonight is our regular skate night with the family. Skate more, skate more and skate more!!”

Well said Morg, we couldn’t agree more!

Not only did they all have a ball, but Trax also took home the MVP Blocker award! Goooooo Trax!

You can catch this bunch (and a few more by the looks of the signup list!) in the next round of the Statewide Stampede on the 17th & 18th of August in Daylesford.