From fresh meat to first bout

1.5 years ago I started training with Mornington Peninsula Roller Derby Club as a freshie and I’m excited to say that on the weekend I officially became a bouting skater in Round 3 of the Statewide Stampede.  If I had to pick three words to describe my first bout, they would be – encouraged, blindsided and chaotic!


I couldn’t have asked for a warmer welcome than the one I received from The Rolling Matildas (that’s the competitive team made up of Mornington, Mildura, Gippsland and Wheat City). As a first timer, I definitely felt out of my depth, so it was helpful having these talented and experienced bouters guide me through the strategies and plays. Our bench coaches were also amazing in their support, motivating us through a difficult first half for a better performance in the second.


I always knew it was going to be tough against Westside Glory – but I didn’t expect to be flattened like a pancake within the first 30 seconds out on the track! They were (annoyingly) great at getting in my way and distracting me from their jammer. It took a couple of jams to find my groove– but I was proud to eventually hold my ground during some big hits.


My nerves must have overwhelmed me because at times I felt I’d forgotten everything I’ve ever learned at training! During these moments, it was heartening to be able to talk to the bench coaches and the more experienced skaters to get some help.

An unforgettable first bout

I was so happy to be able to play with the teammates I’ve trained with for so long –  Zoom, Smash, Slayer, Stomp and Muffy. It felt fantastic to have our hard work put into action and I can’t wait for many more bouts with The Matildas.